American Orthodox Church Of Science

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As far as i know, Creationism is teached at US-schools like Darwinism.
How progressive are the USA nowadays?

Despite the really bad education of average US-people, Nye tries to tell us how great US-science is and that the US are leading. They aren’t.

At this point of celebrating the American „science-worldwonder“ he should mention the many dangers of genfood that aren’t told to the people. The „progressive“ US-scientists constantly try to suppress evidence of dangers genfood could cause. This happens in order to serve Monsanto and other US-companies. At the middle ages the Catholic church practice a similar procedure.
After 30 days of testing at animals like rats, new genfood is usually labelled as „healthy“ for humans. That’s indeed ridiculous and not progressive or honest or „great science“. US-genfood isn’t healthy.
It’s risky.

But not only the American food is probably unhealthy, the American health system is „unhealthy“ as well. Many US-American citizens have no satisfying access to hospitals because they couldn’t afford the bills. This inhuman system is as well a product of the „great US-science“ called in this case economics or neoliberalism.
It’s not too amazing, that many US-people nowadays lost trust into the very often corrupt scientists.

The „leading US-science“ is just an American dream, but not the reality. Nyes worldview is in some aspects not much better than the idea, the world is just 6,000 years old.

The US-economy produces in many cases low quality commodities and isn’t able to sell that trash at the world market. That’s the sad truth. For this the USA import today most investment and most consumer goods for example from China.

Besides the huge problems of actual American science-practice there has been an important change in theory of science during the last decade which should be mentioned:
Nowadays it’s really doubtful how trustworthy the so-called „knowledge“ in general is. To keep it simple: We don’t know anymore the reliablility of science like for example 30 years ago.

Anyways, it’s nice to bring some science and knowledge to American citicens.
Despite Nyes – i guess – good intentions it’s advisable to stay careful. Don’t trust this „orthodox“ science-believer blindly and think always by yourself. Nye isn’t telling you the whole story. He stops thinking further on at many critical points. For this he presents a not well elaborated understanding.
For some science-novices his arguments maybe appear impressive. But in many ways he spreads half-truths in order to convince the audience like a conjurer or maybe like a preacher of the American Orthodox Church Of Science.

further sources:
Shadow Government Statistics

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