To throw good money after bad

Schon zu Beginn der Krise war klar, dass der Euro an der Problematik der Staatsverschuldung scheitern wird. Daran hat sich bis heute nichts geändert.
Die Art und Weise der Währungsunion war von Anfang an fragil, dilletantisch durchgeführt.
Die Weltwirtschaftskrise hat jetzt die Mängel des Euro offen zutage gelegt.

Es wäre ignorant, nun im Sinne von Frau Merkel die Fehler von damals, welche sie auch alle seinerzeit mitgetragen hat, nachträglich korrigieren zu wollen.
Die Bundeskanzlerin verschärft die Lage mit ihrem Spardiktat insbesondere in den kriselnden Regionen.

Es wäre vernünftig endlich anzuerkennen, dass der Euro nicht zu retten ist.
Je länger dieser Mut zur Vernunft nicht aufgebracht wird, desto schlimmer wird der Zusammenbruch am Ende sein.

Die Amerikaner haben vieles falsch gemacht. Allerdings gibt es eine angelsächsische Redensart, welche die gegenwärtige Situation der Europäer bestens beschreibt:
„…to throw good money after bad…“.

Lieber ein Ende mit Schrecken als ein Schrecken ohne Ende.
Der Verlust des Euro ist schmerzhaft und dramatisch. Allerdings wird die Pleite Europas nur umso teurer, je länger die Konkursverschleppung durch Merkel & Co betrieben wird.

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  1. Ashley sagt:

    hello missing one … :)

    1srt, what’s Da MaNner of writin‘ U speak of?
    well, it’s nice to talk 2U again, it’s been over 3 mOUnths i guess .. /:
    unafortunately, i thinkU were hAcked. Do u even know what happened for you to lost your mOney?
    i reMmembered DaT i was checkin‘ your pRofile’S Page every week, in order 2 figUre it out wat haPnd, but it was in vain. what did u do with your itens?

    TopiC Changed … I noticed dat U didn’t come here very much, and in your twitter as well. But sometimes i read some posts, some of your post is very interestin‘ lol ¬¬ i’ve quitted Df 2 weeks later than U LOL ^^

    AfTer DAt, wHat have you been doin‘ meantime? what’supwithya??

    Im fine, my voluntary work time is over, so i’m gettin‘ back 2 play with my sisters whatever they want me to join £ i was uploadin‘ a vid in youtube, and saw one of our trips together, and start to miss U LMFAO “==“

    Waitin‘ XoXo

    • Auceza sagt:

      I meant with your special manner of writing this: I liKe YOur MannER of WRitNG.

      No, i think not that i was hacked, because none transferred money or items from my account to another. I looked at all pms in order to check that out.

      Could you post a link of your yt-vid??? I’d like that. :)

      After quitting DF i played for some days another online-game:
      It’s a pretty game with very nice graphics.

      Happy Greetings, Yours Auc

      • Ashley sagt:

        LoL ´´ TkXs
        Well, i GotTa ask ya wat did U do witH all of That ePic ItEns U uSed to haVe in yOUr chaRacter? threw it all away? You shouldve GavE something to this poor LiTTle GirL :( LmfAo

        hMmm, Lord Of THe Rings? LoLs, It seems DaT U have the “geeK“ blOod i alwAys enjoy so Much, = D, It’s a full browser game? are U still PlayIng? if aint busy, i’d Like To start plAyin‘ something 2U, i was wonderin‘ in gettin‘ bAck playing Df withYa, But If you R playin‘ Dis, i’ll play it. WhatuthinK?

        tHE Vid it hasn’t been uploaded yeT, i was uploading another vid, and saw this viD of 1 of our trips togEther throuGh End-Red-zone loot route lost in my video folder, that one that we kIlLed 2 titans… It’s 2 hours of recordin‘ in order 2 Don’t forgetInyA LOL

        wAITIN‘ XxOO ;p

        • Auceza sagt:

          You aren’t a poor girl at DF. lol
          I gave you already a nice mced Katana, haven’t i??? 😛

          Anyways, i haven’t trashed my gear… i never would do that… never ever!!!
          Maybe one day i will return to DF, maybe not.
          It’s a pretty nice game with a cool community.

          If you wanna play some Lord of the rings with me, it wouldn’t be a bad idea.
          However, i already deleted the game and have to reinstall it. That would need some time.
          The problem with that game: you need a good team to play it successfully.
          Unfortunatly i haven’t found there people to rely on.

          I suggest you to check some gameplays at yt, to install the game if u like and finally to decide if you really want to play it. If you like it (and i think you will love it), i will reinstall the game.

          It would be great to team up with ya again.

          Happy Greetings, Yours Auc

          • Ashley sagt:


            Hmm, if you say so … LoL
            U musT keep in MiNd dAt your acc will be Deleted if U dONt log INto it in 1 mounTh in DF, and with your acc, your itens wIll be GonE too, obviouslY :p But U must be aware oF That …

            About L.O.T.Rings, i’ll get some informAtIon about Dis gamE, i love 2 pLAYrpgs, sPECIALLY with a frIend, so it would b GreaT if i had something to get in contact, maybe YOUr email or somethin‘ right? = D :)

            Of course whatever gamE i join withya, you’ll be my „Sensei“ over again, U’ll be my teacheR and i’ll be your follower 😛 lmFAO’SSS‘

            hi5 and Kisses xXoO

  2. Auceza sagt:

    Hello Ashley, :)
    i missed u 2, especially your manner of writing.
    Yes, i quitted DF because i lost 5 Mio $ without any reason. The money just vanished from my bank-account. I sent a ticket to the admin but without any success. :(

    I came back to DF several times in order to check my pms. And as far as i know, i answered your pm. But i am not sure.

    I didn’t care about this blog for a while and read your comment only some days ago.
    Anyways. I am really glad to read you again. 😀

    How are you, honey???
    Are you still playing DF with your sisters???

    Curious Greetings, Yours Auc

  3. Ashley sagt:

    Hey Auc, remember me? it’s been a really really long time no see, at first i thought something could have happend 2ya, i was really worried, but now i see that you just desapaired. I gotta ask, why did you quit the Df without let me know about it or even send me a goodbye message, i thought we were friends. well, i’ll check it out and wait this time for your answer.

    • Auceza sagt:

      I can’t answer your last „answer“. I couldn’t activate the „answer“-button. -.-
      For that i wrote now an answer to this statement which is an answer to your last statement. rofl

      As far as i know a character at DF won’t be deleted anymore if your reached lvl 60 or if you have baught something from the shop.
      Anyways i never baught anything at DF. I should bc i love the game and always like to support it. BUT i already reached lvl 6o and i think they won’t delete Auceza anymore. :)

      If you downloaded Lord of the rings and checked it out, if you like the game, send me just an email to and we start together again at the same server.
      That would be great. I’d love that.

      And, honey, you are a clever and selfconfident young lady.
      I think not that you need a sensei or something like that.
      You are a proud Irish woman, who likes her freedom and indepency as far as i know.

      I could give some hints at Lord of the rings bc i got already some experience with that game.
      BUT i think you will be very soon an excellent player as usual.
      You learned very fast at DF and you got my respect, honey. 😉

      Happy Greetings, Yours Auc

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